“Brotha was fine”

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Let me tell ya’ll, this brotha was fine. He had soulful brown eyes and coffee brown skin. You know the look, just look at Common. Confidence in his eyes. Confidence in his stride. Brotha was fine. He was the epitome of a strong, black man. A strong, black man with strong, black hands… Hands that I ached to feel caress me and rub me… God, how I wanted them to touch me… He wore a knitted, tilted cap and broken in, slightly fitted pants. A green jacket with FIGHT THE POWER! emblazoned in black. A scarf hung casually over his neck and an ankh hung across his chest. The total effect was perfect… When he moved, I could see the strength in his thighs. Damn. This brotha was fine. His gaze, his ways, his virility and stride. His strong, black pride embedded in those deep, dark eyes. As he walked by, time seemed to stand still. I watched him, scarcely breathing, scarcely believing he was real. His eyes caught mine and he smiled a smile bright as any sun. His smile sealed


“He is”

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Your speak makes my knees weak/ Butterflies make me not eat/ Subconcious-lee, our souls meet/ Sweatin between sheets/ Can’t sleep, can’t think/ Toss’n’turn/ with a burn/ only quenched/ by my next fix/ A hopeless addiction, I can’t quit/ An incurable disease, I’m so sick/ Can’t believe I’m actin’ like this… Normally I’d use you & take you out in the streets to flaunt you/ I know you’re no good 4 me, & yet I still want you… I try to leave, but can’t move/ Can’t sleep, til I’m close to you/ Find myself trying to prove/ My love is true/ And its crazy, cuz I’ve never been the one to get sprung/ But when you work ya lips’n’tongue/til I cum/ I concede, you’ve won/ But its more than physical… Mentally/affectin’ me/ My condition is critical/ Of love, I was cynical/ Avoidance was pivotal/ essential/ to being without stress/ Now overcome with love feelings deep in my chest… And its crazy, cuz normally, I’d use you & take you out in the streets & flaunt you/I know you’re no good 4 me & yet I still want you… Come home late, I’m straight over reactin’/ A million & 1 questions, I’ma be askin’/ You’re driving me to distraction/ Can’t focus or function, not even a fraction/ My memory keeps lapsin’/ Overcome by passion/ Livin’ to bring you satisfaction/ Damn! This sh*** amazes me/ I’m doing things I never do & actin’ crazily/ And ain’t nobody savin’ me/from you/ Normally, you would be the 1 in need of a rescue… Cuz normally I’d use you, take you out in the streets & flaunt you/ I know you’re no good for me, & yet I still want you… Sitting here with this poisonous fire flowin’ through my veins/ I am trying to break free of you but I love the exquisite pain/ Endorphins released all in my brain/ Oxytocin/Got me floatin’/ Ya sex is so great/ Tongue game is first rate/I’m in love & in hate/2 forces occupyin’ the same space/ DAMN! What do you do to me?!?/ Moving in me so fluidly/ Speaking to my body fluently/ These feelings are so new to me/ Damn, baby, what do you do to me?!?/ Going crazy/as you lay me/on the bed, then we move tords (towards) the floor/ Scratchin’ ya back, screamin’, “More!”, as my pussy pours/ Mind soars/& sails away/ Moans’n’screams increase as ya pace escalates/’I love you, God’ all in ya ear/ as I’m pullin’ you near/ Multiple orgasms got me screamin’ so the neighbors can hear/ Hours later, we’re done, so we lay up/Contemplatin’ how we break up & make up/ And I’m fed up/ but I’m stuck/ Hopelessly addicted/ Soul endlessly tormented/ You’re an incurable addiction/ A ceaseless affliction/ Your the poison flowin’ all through my system/& I’m ya unwilling yet voluntary victim/ Everyone warning me, but I don’t listen/ Caught up in Love’s prison… In the past, I would have used you… Taken you out in the streets to flaunt you/I know you’re no good for me & yet I still want you *smh*

Sacred Prayer

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Re..Ptah…Re…Ptah… Have mercy, purify my Ba… Re…Ptah… Re…Ptah… Guide, direct, protect my Ka… Amon…Amun…Aten… Amen… Restore, revitalize my Sakkem… Ra…Atum…Khnum…and Nu… Mold and shape me so I may honor you… Anubis…Anukis… Anot…Seshot… Guide my sword and pen, depart me not… Amen-Ra…Amun-Re… Grant me strength and light my way… Heru…Reshpu…and Apnu… Guide me through the fields of Aalu… … … Hotep……..

[All the names I’m chanting in succession are Egiptian/Kemetian Gods and Goddesses. Ba is the soul. Ka is the Guardian spirit or spirit guide given at birth. It is a spiritual double of the living. Hotep means Peace. Sakkem is the life force. The Fields of Aalu is the the world where the Gods and Goddesses live. It is heaven or paradise. It is a place of ecstasy and delight where one goes upon dying]

Dark Poetry Part One

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Crucifix burns my skin…from all the sin within… Sacrifices and libations…chanting incantations…to the ancients… Calling upon Set…for the absence of Hotep… Invoking Sekmet… Goddess, enter me…lion headed deity, beloved wife of Ptah…Bringer of destruction to all who oppose Ra… Mark them ah (all)…with the Hermetic Merkabah… Granting me control… Over minds and souls………………….

Connection Part One by: Queen Tiye

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You & I have such an amazing connection…Each other’s radiant reflection…Together, a vision of perfected perfection…To these feelings, there is no objection…From me…You’re my King…I’ve made my selection… The cause of my heart’s ressurection…Offering protection…And mending each broken section…Your love’s as sweet as a candy confection… Passion burns hotter than an oven, convection…Infected by love’s infection…From the love God’s injection…At your erection… Yoni muscles flexin’, bent over, flexion…So penetrate from behind til your love reaches ejection…

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About Revolutionary Diva aka Queen Tiye

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Hotep, beloved. I’d like to make my first blog a introduction, so you can get an idea of who I am. First, I’m Queen Tiye, the Revolutionary Diva. I recently started an online, conscious radio show. Revolutionary Black Radio. Our first show (the introduction) was last night (April 30th). To listen, go to: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rbradio  

Now, a little info on me: I’m 23 years old. I’m the Mother of a wonderful 3 year old Sun. Its been just him and me for most (really all) of his life. I’m not bitter and don’t let that one bad situation affect how I see my beautiful, black brothas. I love ya’ll *smiling* 

Oh, and the myspace link is my myspace. That is my youtube and the “sons of malcolm” is the wordpress blog of some very intelligent Kings that I support and gain some inspiration from. 

Now, words that describe this queen: Passionate, compassionate, intelligent and smart (there is a difference), honest, assertive, strong yet feminine, loyal, faithful, outspoken, open, free-spirited, loving, PRO-BLACK, sensual… And alot more…

My passions/interests/hobbies/past times, etc: the upliftment and enlightenment of my people, MUSIC (I love most types of music), writing (songs, poetry, etc), ALL  things “Africa”, revolutionaries, Marxism, Maoism, cultures, religion, history, art, reading/literature, hosting RBRadio, youtubing, learning, teaching, travelling, spending time with friends and family, yoga&meditation, sociology, psychology, post traumatic slavery syndrome… THE TRUTH!

What I do not tolerate is stupidity, disrespect, liars/dishonesty, back-biting/2-faced people, unwilling to bear witness to the truth, devils… 

More info: I was born and raised in Texas. I am what colored (whites) people like to call “mixed”. My birth father was black and of haitian descent. My maternal grandmother is “Mexican” (which is Indian and Spanish). My maternal grandfather is Moorish, Spanish, and Yaqui indian (its rumoured that we have a  little Saudi Arabian on his side, as well). People look at me and think I get my nose from my birth father’s side, because he was “black”. In actuality, I get it from my grandfather, lol… Who gets it from his Moorish roots. 

Well, I suppose that is enough about me for now. If you’d like to know more, just ask… With each post, you’ll get a deeper glimpse into who I am.

Oh, and in regards to my writing, my posts are not always going to be how I am feeling at that moment. I write my experiences, other’s experiences… I strive to be versatile and universal. I strive to see it through other’s eyes… So, keep that in mind when you’re reading something of mine. I will let you know if I’m feeling a certain way at the time of a post.

I love you all… Hotep